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During The Pandemic They Called us Heroes. Now KP Execs say our Wages Are Too High.

During the Pandemic, we gave everything we had.

Everyday we went to work and faced death. We risked our lives. We went above and beyond what anyone expected. We slept in our cars and in tents to keep our families safe.

Some of us lost our lives. Throughout, KP remained profitable.

While we are on the frontlines fighting the deadliest Pandemic in memory - a small group of KP Executives met in secret to conclude our wages are too high.

This goes against everything our Alliance Unions, Our Partnership, and what Kaiser Permanente stands for.

We are joining together to take a stand for each other, our patients, and our Communities starting Monday, June 28th.


Show Your Support for the Best Jobs and Best Care by Wearing the Sticker!

HOW TO PARTICIPATE; 1. Contact your local Union to get "United for Best Jobs Best Care" Stickers. 2. Make sure to wear your sticker starting June 28th at work. 3. Post a "Sticker Selfie" on Social Media and use the hashtag #BestJobsBestCare

Friendly Reminders: • Remember, your Union activity is protected under the NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS ACT (NLRA). • Take photos and post on Social Media during Non-Work Time. • Avoid taking photos where Monitors or sensitive data is present (KP Logo, Bulletins, etc.) to protect our patients' health information.


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